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Algebra 1

  • Review Graphing Part 2

    Convert Equations into slope-intercept form and graph

  • Review Graphing

    Handout – graphing linear equations

  • No School

    MLK Day

  • Quiz – Friday

    Solving systems of linear equationsBy graphingBy substitutionSpecial systems – null set and infinite solutions

  • Go over Review

    Go over review part 2 in classPractice problems in class with students Quiz Friday

  • Review Part 2 for Friday Quiz

    Questions of review guide part 1 – CollectedClasswork on review guide part 2 – due Thursday

  • Review for Quiz pt. 1

    Questions on HomeworkDiscussion of “special solutions” (Null Set and Infinite)Handout (given in class with time to almost complete) to review for quiz Friday

  • Review solving systems

    questions over homework (most turned it in Friday)1 Review Problem: solve system by graphing1 Review Problem: solve system by graphingHomework attached. Students were give enough time in class to get to at least problem 7. The rest are homework.

  • Solving Systems with Substitution

    Question over homework (solving systems by graphing)Notes: Solving Systems with SubstitutionHomework: 1 , 2, 3, 4 from handout (depending on what class you were in.)

  • Section 5.1 Systems of Equations

    Go over graphing questionsNotes over solving linear systems by graphingHomework: Class time will be provided and students should try to complete in class, else it becomes homework.

Algebra 2

  • No School

    MLK Day

  • Quiz – Friday

    Polynomial FunctionsRecognizing, naming, and standard form of polynomialsevaluating polynomialsgraphs and end behaviors of polynomialsLong division Synthetic division

  • Review for Quiz

    Go over the review from WednesdayPractice problems – for quiz Quiz Friday

  • Review Polynomials

    Question on HW – synthetic divisionWalk through of each type of problem on review handoutAssigned remainder of review

  • Synthetic Division

    Review Homework: long divisionnotes on synthetic divisionHomework

  • Polynomial Division

    Review polynomial (long) divisionClasswork/homework odds on side 2 (answers included)

  • Special polynomial products

    hw questions (operations on polynomialsNotes on special polynomial productsHw below.

  • 4.2 Polynomial Operations

    Questions over HomeworkNotes on polynomial operations (+, -, *, /) in classHomework attached.

  • Tuesday

    Reviewed for new students polynomials and looked at end behavior. Homework is attached. Everyone completed in class.

  • All Classes – 2nd Semester

    When I post to all classes, the columns will look identical. This will rarely be the case. But it does make it easy to post quickly to all the classes. Also, the calendars can be pulled down individually for each class or all calendars at once. Only one calendar will open at once. I’m not sure of where the glitch is, but if you have any ideas, let me know.

Geometry 1

  • 8.1C – Corresponding Ratios

    Go over HW Question8.1C Notes and Assignment

  • Homework 7.5 Trapezoids

    No homework from Friday (except 2nd hour should have turned 7.4B with all three graphs and results)Notes on TrapezoidsHW: 7.5

  • No School

    MLK Day

  • Friday – Proving Special Parallelograms

    Questions on Thursdays Homework (most of you should have already turned this in….if not, then you should do a better job of time management in class)Notes on proving special parallelogramsThese notes take a bit…so focus, get through the quickly and apply them to the homework so you won’t have any over the long weekend.

  • 7.4A Special Quadrilaterals

    Turn in homework (if not turned in Wed.)Notes on special polynomialsAssignment attached

  • Finish 7.3 B

    The notes and handout from Tuesday were completedLook at yesterday’s post for the handouts.The assignment was turned in…The three methods (distance formula, slope, and diagonal bisector) were each used on the assignment. Test Next Week

  • Proving Quadrilaterals are Parallelograms

    Homework questions – theorems that prove a quadrilateral is a parallelogramNotes 7.3B – Proving quadrilaterals are parallelograms using coordinates

  • Proving Parallelograms

    Questions over homework (most handed it in on Friday)Notes on parallelogram theoremsIn class assignment/homework if not completed

  • Finish notes on exterior and interior angles

    Review Wednesday materialFinished nots on exterior anglesNotes and assignments are on Wednesday’s (yesterday) post.

  • Notes 7.1B Angles in polygons

    Question over homeworkNotes (handout) of finding regular polygon anglesClasswork/homework attached

Weekly Agenda
  • Feb 16 – Feb 20

    MondayNo School: Presidents DayTuesdayAlgebra 1:T: Review solving systems of equations and inequalities all methodsW: Finish Review on all methods of solving Th: Quiz all methodsF: Introduce probability and staticsGeometry:T: 2nd hr – simplifying radicals; 7th hr – Test Ch 8W: 2nd hr – Classwork on Simplifying Radicals; 7th hr – finish test and simplifying radicalsTh: Notes 9.1BF: Notes 9.1CAlgebra 2:T: How to solve polynomial equations with a calculatorsW: Cont…monday workTh: Quiz on solving with a calculatorF: What if we don’t have a calculator? Solving polynomials by Hand

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